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Audiovisual Thinking Process in Contemporary Essay Films (ed.)

Monographic issue. Comparative Cinema 10(18), 2022.

“The Spectator’s Position as a Thinking Space for the Contemporary Essay Film: Face aux fantômes (2010) and Jaurès (2012)”

Comparative Cinema 10(18), pp. 53-75. Spanish version: pp. 139-156

"Jean-Luc Godard's Diptychs. Rethinking Cinema through the Essay Film"

Quarterly Review of Film and Video 40(1), pp. 16-55.

Original Manuscript 

"Sans soleil by Chris Marker. The Essay Film and its Cinematic Thinking Process: Reflecting on Postmodernity" 

Studies in European Cinema 

Original Manuscript 


Dissemination Strategy

The new knowledge generated by the project will be disseminated following a strategy which has been targeted at the wider research community in order to achieve the biggest possible impact of the research actions and results in Film Studies –monograph volume and international conferences– and in the other disciplines –papers in high impact international journals. The dissemination strategy includes:

The submission of four papers to international peer-reviewed journals of the highest impact in relation with the interdisciplinary nature of the project: Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies:


DS1 – Francophone essay film and thinking process - published  

DS2 – Intermedial forms in the francophone essay film - published

DS4  Contemporary Francophone Essay Film - published

DS5 The gender dimension in the francophone essay film - under peer review

The participation in four Film Studies international conferences:

DS3 – "The European Francophone Essay Film and Cinema Movements and Practices." International Conference “EuroMedia2021. The 8th European Conference on Media, Communication & Film." IAFOR London 22nd-25th July 2021

DS6 "Between Level Five and Zapping Zone. The de/construction of the audiovisual thinking process.” International Conference: From the Scenic Essay to the Essay-Exhibition. Expanding the Essay Form in the Arts after Literature and Film. S:PAM – Studies in Performing Arts & Media) of Ghent University (Belgium)
27th-29th April 2022

DS8 – Project final conference: "La pensée critique dans le film-essai francophone : entre cinéaste et spectateur.trice". International Conference:  The Essay Film as Critical Thinking. Institut ACTE - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. 9th-10th June 2022. Conference

DS11 – “The Spectator’s Position as Epistemic Space for the Essay Film.” International Conference NECS 2022: Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network. European Network for Cinema and Media Studies. Bucharest 22th-26th June 2022.

The edition of the monographic issue: 


DS9  Audiovisual Thinking Process in Contemporary Essay Films

Monographic issue Comparative Cinema 10(18), 2022


The organisation of the International Conference:


DS10 – The Essay Essay Film as Critical Thinking

Institut ACTE - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

9th-10th June 2022.

DS7 – The publication of an open access monograph.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska‐Curie grant agreement No 896941

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